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Bugati Records a new way of creating music

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Bugati Records is an African/Canadian leading Record label registered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The record label was founded by Don Coolio & Don Nubed with main objectives to discover, develop and promote music talents world wide. Bugati Records is currently working on & producing talented or aspiring artists in Africa. At Bugati Records there is no compromise on quality and that is why the finest will always find a place with us.
With great expertise in music, Bugati Records specialises in a wide variety of genres like Afro-beats, Dancehall etc. With doors wide open Bugati Records takes pride in welcoming artists all around the world. We believe in creativity & uniqueness in music.

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Kampo Waiz is a Ghanaian born artist and rising star. Bugati Records is very proud to release his single “Addicted”. Contact: admin@bugatirecords.com

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